Summer Skin Prep for the Whole Body

Summer Skin Prep for the Whole Body

Beaches are back, the sun is out and we’ve switched to our summer wardrobe. It’s the perfect time for the arrival of our reformulated BIOEFFECT EGF Body Serum - the ultimate summer skin prep for the whole body. Inspired by our award-winning EGF Serum, we’ve created a version that delivers the same incredible benefits to your skin below the neck.

But what’s the difference? The new and improved EGF Body Serum is 4x more potent than the original, with a more concentrated version of our plant-based EGF. Formulated with only 8 ingredients, it delivers smoother, hydrated and firmer skin for the whole body.

Our 2-Step Summer Skin Prep Routine

At BIOEFFECT, we’ve always believed in less is more. That’s why we’ve curated this 2-step revitalising routine to help you feel confident with the skin you’re in.

Step 1 - Exfoliate Your Body

Gently exfoliate the skin on your legs, arms and torso buffing away those winter layers. Exfoliating is key to maintaining healthy skin. It removes that top layer of dead skin cells which, if left over time, leads to congested, dry and aging skin. Body scrubbing encourages cell renewal and reveals your natural, fresh and radiant glow.
We recommend using our BIOEFFECT Body Buffing Loofah to manually exfoliate in circular motions over the body. Currently FREE with every purchase of our new EGF Body Serum.

Step 2 - Hydrate and Repair

To maintain the positive benefits of a good body scrubbing session you need to finish with a layer of replenishment.
On clean skin, apply 2-3 pumps of our new EGF Body Serum to each part of your body and massage in using circular motions. Its non-greasy and non-sticky texture means it absorbs quickly so you can apply clothing straight away over your silky, smooth skin.
TOP TIP: If you’ve spent too many hours in the sun, our EGF Body Serum can also aid as an after-sun treatment - offering soothing hydration and skin repair for dry, irritated and sun-damaged skin.